Sick of Being Sick

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Not being able to continuously exercise is bad as it keeps me from gaining tract of my abs project. But being sick is worse.

Worse for my body, for my mood, for my drive to blog or do anything else. Not to mention the big holes it brought to my wallet.

Last March 20, I attended the annual homecoming at my high school alma mater. After which, I felt rejuvenated and ready for my job search plan. However, a day later I contracted a flu that lasted almost a week. And up until now, I have been bothered by a cough that looks like wont be leaving me soon.

Image from blog, crumpcrew.

The plan for that week was to submit as much resume as possible to potential employers so that when April comes I will be busy with interviews. And as I wait for calls for interview schedules, I will be blogging and working out too.

During the same homecoming, it was announced that on the ocassion of the school's foundation day, a fun run for a cause will be held. That will be in August. And I thought then, that I can include in my health & fitness goal to be able to join the 3K category.

I still have three months to go but the period of being sick with flu and the persistent coughing put a big question mark into achieving such a short term goal.



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