Lighter Me & New Momentum in Pursuing This Project

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Three months after, I am excitedly updating this blog and enjoying a new-found momentum for my abs project.

Moments ago, I put out my old weighing scale. I am glad that I now weigh less than 60 kilograms, around 58 kgs some give and take. My body mass index at 22.7 shows I'm currently at my ideal weight.

Prior to checking my weight, I did some 5 full push-ups. In sports parlance, I am on fire.

On one hand, I was discouraged to update this blog because I failed to follow my project plan. However, my fitness plan got an unlikely boosts.

Nearing two months now, I have been, unintentionally at that, performing a physical activity daily. Being out of work coupled with my father's health problems, I have no choice but to be in-charged with purchasing products to be sold at our small sari-sari store.

Walking to and from the supermarket, carrying grocery bags of varying weights, served to be my daily work-out. Sometimes, I get to do that twice in a day. Every now and then, I'd do sit-ups and push-ups.

3 different persons already commented that I lost weight. One said I don't look good being so. While another praised the seeming reduction on my love handles. The third one is my girlfriend, so her point of view might be biased towards making me feel good. Hehehe!

But weighing myself today proved that I really lost some weight. That is a welcome validation and a source of new-found momentum for me to get back on track on my abs project.

Still, there's so much to do. Even my abs-project 2011 resolution is hard to accomplish on a regular basis.

But the good thing is, until I find a new job, I will be obliged with this informal workout. My abs project surely wouldn't mind.


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