Clearer Pointers for My Abs Project

Monday, July 18, 2011

Jesse Stanchak's How to blog like a dieter (and vice-versa) felt like written specifically for this blog.

Shamefully, I have been struggling with my abs project. And this blog, being an extension of it, struggles as well.

I can not agree more with Jesse that blogging and dieting (in my case, improving my abs) are both alike. That it requires self-discipline, patience and self-knowledge.

Here are the clearer lessons for my abs project that the article pointed out to me.

Jesse enumerated six similarities between blogging and dieting that I now relate to my abs project and to this blog.
  1. I've got to know what I need to do.
  2. Jesse encourages me to focus on what I need to do rather than what I need to avoid. He's absolutely right. If I failed to do sit-ups today and worry no end, tomorrow will still be the same - I can try again. Simply put, I should do sit-ups daily.
  3. I have to set goals for every stage.
  4. He further wrote
    "People who only say “Someday, I’d like to …” never do. If you only think about the end result — whether its sales leads or a slim waist — everything else feels too daunting. People who only say, “Today, I’ll settle for …” never do any better. You keep yourself from building momentum and taking advantage of strategic possibilities. You need a medium focus to help keep you on the path to success. The goals in the middle are the ones that keep you accountable and keep you on the road to “someday.”"
    My goal is to lose an inch off my waistline every month. If you nag me about it, it will boost my perseverance.
  5. I got to measure, but not too much.
  6. I have to measure my progress in connection to my goals. Since my goal is in a month's time, I only need to measure once month. That means less time worrying about my progress and more time to actually do the project.
  7. I've got to take a balanced approach.
  8. It is not just enough to regularly do sit ups. I also got to watch what I put inside, specifically, having too much rice in a single meal. Also, I have to reschedule my rice intake to be more during breakfast rather than dinner.
  9. I've got to do it my way.
  10. This is where self-knowledge comes into the picture. I've noticed that I do not do well with military-like regimen. I felt happier when for a given a day, I voluntarily increased my number of sit-ups because I want to and not just following a pre-planned number of repetitions.
  11. I've got to commit to my abs project.
  12. Being still a bachelor at 32 practically says it all, about me and the word commitment. If I can be committed to making my abs stronger and prettier to look upon, then I can be more able to commit too, with other important aspects of my life. But first, being committed to the project will translate to this blog being more active.
Such momentum a few days back is doing wonders for my morale and motivation for my abs project.

It's ON!


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