Hitting Two Huge Birds with One Pebble

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sometime in the past, officemate Sab commented about the taste of the food served at our building canteen is becoming stale for her taste buds.

Ting! A Hit-two-birds-with-one-stone idea!

I can only agree to this observation but some bright idea came to me. I just thought that Sab can use the situation, unwelcome as it is, to work in her favor.

As of the moment, she is in the midst of a biggest-loser bet with a close friend and she is often whining about that she needs to save money.

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Well, if she just suck it in, for the next couple of months at least, she can really hit two birds with one stone. Oops! Let me correct myself. That would mean hitting two huge birds with one pebble.

Eating in our building canteen can save Sab some money instead of walking to nearby Shangri La Plaza where she has a lot of delicious choice but pricier most of the time. Besides, if the taste is not that delicious, she would surely not order extra servings.

Adding two and two means that would be better for her wallet and lesser for her weight. And since she claims to help me with my abs project, I sure can return the favor.


For Sab


roxywuxy said...

Wow. I actually think that eating in a place which you do not like is a good idea to lose weight. I'd like to know the results after sometime. Wishing Ate Sab the best of luck! :)

marj said...

sabrinang kay lupit... bad rex, bad!

sabrina said...

on one hand, you're right roxy. yeah, i need all the luck in the world...hehe.

marj, i agree, bad si rex! hmp!

doms said...

You know I'm Bad, bad - Michael Jackson.

Just wait till I write something like hitting 3 girls with one... hmmm... phone!


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